Pioneer Works Residency Application - Technology 

Though I now focus on water resources, my engineering career started in mechanical engineering using biosensors. This residency would allow me to combine environmental art with motion capture. I’m versed in commercial options available but am especially interested in building from scratch for more fine-tuned artistic control. The choreography would influence a water soundscape, representing anthropogenic influence on bodies of water.

Movements may also be mapped to visual projections. For example, skin conductivity controls rising sea level or declining water tables, increasing as the dancer sweats and their emotional state intensifies.

I’d seek collaboration with other scientists, using environmental data models in the music code. For example, if GDP has a certain relationship with pounds of plastic in the ocean, I’d use that relationship to map the speed of walking to the pitch of a sound. I’d also reach out to artist/engineer friends who are audio software experts for possible collaboration.

Because my choreography is site-specific and local, I would use environmental themes specific to Red Hook in the project. My residency would conclude with open-source publishing of data, code, and videos. A final performance would start with simple movements so the relationship between movement and sound becomes clear, then develop into more complex movement.

Being at PW would provide resources to hone skills at the intersection of motion capture, music, biosensing, and activism. I hope my project inspires others and serves as a springboard for continued work at the intersection of art and science for environmental action.

Short excerpts of select choreography projects, including using wearables to control the music and pieces about bodies of water and aquatic biospheres.

Residency Proposal